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RE: 10"-12" diameter steel Pile embedement

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Personally I have not utilized steel piles in my building projects.
Here's my two cents:

I think there are at least 2 issues here; one is the depth of concrete cap over the steel pile (punching shear) and the other is the depth of embedment into the of the steel pile into the pile cap (lateral bearing).

Similar to Concrete or Timber piles; one of the critical design criteria is the punching shear. I am not sure how the 3 inches of clearance from the reinforcing, relates to this requirement. Depending on the "steel pile/pile cap" detail, the punching shear, determines the minimum depth of the pile cap above the steel pile.


Again I have not seen your "steel pile/pile cap" detail, but if the lateral forces are low, 6 inches of embedment may be sufficient. The embedment depth can be calculated to transfer the lateral (horizontal) forces of the super structure/concrete cap, to the pile. I believe this boils down to the steel pipe and concrete bearing. I'd assume you have a steel end plate cap, welded to the steel pipe. Welded rebar or nelson studs may be some options depending on your detailing preference.



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