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If you feel your real calling is to practice law get a
law degree, otherwise I believe it is a
misapplications of resources.  This is not to imply
that legal awareness is not important.  

You can learn what you need to learn by reading a few
law books and reading the literature provided by your
E&O insurance carrier.  Your insurance agent can also
be a good resource to help you review contracts.

As an example insurance carriers tell us not to state
that we will comply with all codes since in so doing
you could increase your liability exposure.  Yet I
recently found the following statement on an engineers
web site: "We will produce quality drawings and
construction documents at competitive costs, whilst
meeting current design codes and practices."  You do
not need a law degree if you make use of the resources
that you have.

The legal knowledge that you regularly need is a small
subset of what a lawyer should know.  In addition if
you continue to practice engineering you cannot spend
enough time learning the law to be a competent lawyer.
 Instead of trying, hire a specialist when you have a
non-typical problem.

The problem with lawyers is that they think like
lawyers and all too many of them believe that all
problems can be solved litigation and other legal
techniques.  Consider the fact that in the early days
of our country in some of the colonies it was illegal
to practice law.  It is only recently that lawyers
have become "respectable".

In the event that I have a legal problem I want the
meanest lawyer representing me.

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