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Jordan Truesdell, PE wrote:
Fwiw, I find law fascinating and enjoyable - determining the merits of a case is really not much different that tracing stresses through a structure. I'd say that in engineering we have a better chance at a defined outcome, but since the last link in the chain is the soil...there still aren't any guarantees.
The law, at least that derived from the traditions of English Common Law on which our system is primarily based, has always been fundamentally a noble endeavor at the root of much that is good in our civilization.

But like nearly everything that man undertakes, it can be corrupted in direct proportion to the amount of power accruing to its practitioners.

My antipathy towards the legal system is not antipathy toward the CONCEPT of law and its deliberation. Rather it is against the corruption that has crept in steadily until we are largely at the mercy of the legal system itself and those--primarily politicians and "shysters"--who wrest it to meet their selfish ends.

In the United States, this began to occur almost as soon as the ink was dry on the Constitution, when for example the famous Marbury v. Madison decision by the Supreme Court under John Marshall set that court as the "supreme law of the land," even though such was never intended by those who framed the Constitution. Thomas Jefferson warned us of the consequences then, and he was exactly right.

This arrogated power has trickled down to the lowest levels of the legal business until, whether we know it or not, nearly everything we do or desire to do is affected in some measure by whether some law firm or group of legal activists somewhere will allow it--or will move to stop us.

As I say, this isn't true of everything but it is true of far more things than we might consider at first thought.

That's why I say "we don't NEED more lawyers." Among other things, we DO need more engineers.
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