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RE: Grounding rebar

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Ask Mr. Ufer (if he is still alive!), - he is the one who invented this system.
If the ground is dry such as in desert, and no water line is available, UFER is the best available option. Some jurisdictions require at least two different grounding systems, one being the grounding rod, because water pipes are not always reliable if there happens to be a section of plastic pipe in it; and you would certainly not connect to gas pipes!
Suresh Acharya, S.E.
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Subject: RE: Grounding rebar

I think it just says that it can be used for grounding not that it has to be. It doesn't work very good any way. There are better ways to do it.



Richard Roberts


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NEC Section 250 says so. Two #4 bars will do it, but there are certain other requirements. I would leave it to the electrical engineer for details.


Suresh Acharya, S.E.

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Subject: Grounding rebar

Is there a code requirement that says that rebar in a slab or footing has to be grounded?  I have an electrical engineer telling me NEC says so.

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