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RE: Job Opportunity - OT

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I have always been of the similar mindset.  I never felt the need to get "overtime" pay (i.e. one and half pay) for overtime, but I did expect to get paid for the hours that I worked.  Now, having said that, I am careful to keep in mind that if I work 8 to 5 for 5 days a week, I might not realistically being doing a full 40 hours due to inefficiencies/water cooler talk, etc.  As such, I tend to consider it reasonable for an employer to expect me to do some "overtime" (I am talking a couple hours a week maybe) for my 40 hour salary.  I don't consider it reasonable for an employer to expect me to work 50+ hours or so for a 40 hour salary...unless I am compensated in some other manner (a REAL bonus or REAL comp time...i.e. comp time that I am able to use not that get shoved to the side due to work load).  After all, I am pretty sure that my employers expected their clients to pay them for the work that they do.
Adrian, MI
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I also work at a small firm that does not pay an overtime rate for overtime, but I am paid hourly for all of my hours worked.  I would say about 75% of the guys I went to school with are on salary and work roughly the same amount of hours a week as I do.  So when someone asks me if I am upset that I don’t get an overtime rate of pay, I tell them I am fine with it because unlike my friends I went to school with, I get paid for all of my hours worked.


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