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RE: Job Opportunity - OT

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Dear Eric:


After being in the structural field nearly for three decades; here is my personal opinion.

Forgive me for being frank; assuming the love for our profession is there, there are two types of employers/engineers; losers and winners.


Which one of us, are losers?

Those of us who work very long hours (although denying, but some are truly workaholics), have no time for family or social life, leading a life of poor physical & mental health, no vacation, no quality   time for spouse or kids and short life expectancy. I know  many brilliant structural engineers that did not make it to their 60th birthday.

Being smart, is not enough; one needs to be at least wise as well.

I was just notified one of my former employers, who was dear to me, passed away on Monday at hospital due to a heart attack at age 56! First hand, I know at least 10 other structural engineers, within last few years, with similar fate.


Which ones are winners?

Those of us who maintain a balance. Making sure there is quality time for our families (and close friends), time for physical, recreational and spiritual activities, vacations and visiting places that we always dreamed of.

We need to realize that; we work to live, not live to work!

As 20 years ago Stephen Covey  in his "7 habits of highly effective people" book said, one can't say   "I don't have time to sharpen my saw", because it would be wasting one's life.


The rest is our choice! There is no excuse.



Casey K. Hemmatyar, SE


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Subject: Re: Job Opportunity - OT


I graduated about 2 years ago and since then I have worked for 2 different small structural firms. The 1st did not allow overtime with OT pay and the current one no OT pay either, but it feels like I am expected to work OT anyway. Now I do not feel like I should be handed a great job on a silver platter, but my girlfriend who went to a tech school, and is a surgical tech makes more then I do, and she also gets OT pay, great benifits and a lot of time off.


It makes me mad that I busted my ass in college and this is what I see happening. Although I do work in a small company, I am wondering if this is typical of small structural eng firms?