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Re: Job Opportunity - OT - AKA "The Good Old Days" (sarcasm)

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Don't get me started, Suresh! 

We paid $18,500 for a 4-bedrm. in the 'burbs in ~'68.  A little later we turned down a run-down fixer-upper mansion on Capitol Hill because they raised the price from $15k to 16k; it recently sold for several million.  In '75 I bought a complete, livable house near Madison Park for $3,000, lock, stock, and barrel.  Fixed it up and sold it a few years later for ten times that and thought I'd made a killing.  :)

Bought a new '96 Saab for $2600 and drove it for many years. 


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What was the average price of a single family house back then? 10k?

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but it is hard when there are guys out there that are only charging $120/hr for their time as Gerard noted.

I'm all with you, but I have to smile when I read that, thinking back to how much my partner and I *anguished* over whether to raise our billing rate from $18 to $20/hour!  :)   But we did, and they paid it.

Okay, so it was around 1972 in Seattle ("Will the Last person to leave please turn out the lights").


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