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Re: Job Opportunity - OT Have Faith in the Small Firm!!!!

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On Aug 24, 2007, at 11:35 AM, Me wrote:

I wouldnt have done it either way, small companies are the way to go.
I started out with a couple of large outfits--IBM and Pratt & Whitney, then went to work for a sort of small spin-off. (Well financed, but only 3 or 4 employees). Big outfits feel a lot more secure, especially for a newbie, and they offer more in the way of benefits, especially education. They also tend to weather hard times a little better and they carry some name recognition on a resume. If you can force yourself into a mass culture mind set and are comfortable surrendering your autonomy, a big outfit makes some sense.

Small firms are more exciting though, for better and for worse. When I left Pratt I grew up real fast. The start-up (Underseas Engineering Inc. -- now long gone) gave me all the responsibility and visibility I could handle and to a degree I was able to make the job my own. My successes were out there for everyone to see and so were my screw- ups, fortunately not so many of those, because much of the work involved the safety of my colleagues. When you work in that kind of environment, you can get spoiled for the corporate womb and very impatient with the compartmentalization, political atmosphere and hierarchy-worship in a big company.

Bob Blue put it into song at < theirway.729.html>

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