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RE: Anchor Bolts

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With oversized holes in the baseplate, anchor bolts would not work for resisting the shear forces.  Shear lugs would be required.  Another option would be shear friction if the vertical force is always down.  But with such a high shear load I do not think you could develop enough friction. 


Shear lugs would also allow you to reduce the bolt diameter and use lower grade material.  With such a high grade material the embedment depth would be significant to develop the anchor bolt.


Which force is vertical?  Is it always down or is there an uplift?


Gary Loomis, PE

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I have this scenario; a support reaction F x = 172 Kips,   F y = 100 kips   F z = 21 kips


Due to space restrictions I can only fit 4 - 1 ½" diameter anchor bolts. 


What I'm planning to meet this requirement is to use a F1554 GR 105, and a shear lug. Can anyone suggest if this kind of Grade of fastener

Is good for resisting a high shear load?


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