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Re: Job Opportunity - OT

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> From: "Scott Maxwell" <smaxwell(--nospam--at)>

> It depends on the employment rules in your state.  In many locations,
> "professional" salaried employees are exempt from the 1.5X overtime pay. =

The Labour Act in Ontario exempts professional engineers (among other
professions) from ALL aspects of the Act. As such, the employer is not
obligated to treat the engineer in a fair manner. The engineer is considered
to be capable of making rational choices about their employment situation. I
always advise young engineers to require the Labour Act to be included by
reference in their employment contract. They may not have the backing of the
gov't but they have a bigger lever to obtain reasonable pay including 1.5

> From: "Jeff Hedman" <jeff_h(--nospam--at)>

> I believe that if your company has less than a certain amount of employees, I
> want to say that number is around ten or 12, then legally the employer does
> not have to pay a 1.5X overtime rate.  I am not sure what the

Just because they are not obligated to compensate does not mean that they
can demand overtime without providing compensation. It is too late to ask
for it after the fact, you have to insist when you negotiate your contract
OR negotiate every time the employer requests overtime. If you DON'T ask you
WON'T receive.

If you are an employee working 50 hour weeks, regularly, and not being
compensated, you are being abused. Your employer is obtaining benefits for
your free time. If you are being compensated at regular rate instead of 1.5
OT, you are not being appropriately compensated for giving up your life to
the benefit of a greedy owner or poorly managed company.

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