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RE: Conventional Wood Framing

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Not required, except purlins & struts are used to reduce rafter span.
The critical elements are ties so the rafter-tie assemblies function as trusses. But 3-16d box nails at laps between ceiling joists and rafters allowed by the nailing schedule are not adequate. If you are a licensed engineer, use the conventional section at your own risk since you can not say "....but, I am not an engineer" if ceiling starts sagging or rafters start spreading, particularly when there are several big skylights (green buildings!) or big attic access opening for mechanical units.
Suresh Acharya, S.E.
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Subject: Conventional Wood Framing

In conventional wood framing, are vertical members required to support hips, valleys and ridges?


Are there any better references which are more definitive than the single paragraph I've found in the UBC?




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