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Re: Another Reference needed

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One reference I have is "Principles of Foundation Engineering" by Braja Das, 2nd ed. There is the Boussinesq equation (pg 171) that calculates the increase in vertical stress from a surcharge, point load or areal loading. I have seen this equation in other textbooks.

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I am hoping I can jump on the band wagon here. (That is not a very gooood analogy). I am looking for a reference on the effect of higher footings close to existing footings. One of my customers is supplying a 5 ton crane and runway to be installed in an existing building. The engineer for the building owner is insisting that the runway columns be placed midway between the existing columns so as to avoid any super-imposition of loads on to existing footings. My customer is stating, with my support, that the bearing pressure from the new crane column is reduced considerably (with a large column bearing plate) by the time the additional pressure reaches the underside of the existing footings (here all footings exposed to freezing have to be at least 4 ft below grade. The building owner is on my customer's side in this dispute-he does not want more columns fouling up his floor space. I feel comfortable with what we are proposing but I want to be able to quote some references on this topic. Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance for your trouble.
Gary Hodgson

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