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Re: overhead epoxy application

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Take a look at SIKA AnchorFix #1 

Gel time can be a few minutes depending on ambient temp.  Full cure in less than an hour.

Not an epoxy.  A thick abrasive paste that won't run when installed overhead.



Give your local SIKA rep a call, they have a wide range of products & they might have a different product to suggest.

The nice thing about the AnchorFix #1 is the super fast gel / cure time and the ability to be dispensed  by  a standard caulking gun.   AnchorFix #1 is not cheap but it is fast & easy. Bulk solutions have lower material costs but are harder to mix & use.


On 8/28/07, David Topete <dtopete(--nospam--at)> wrote:

What products are others specifying for overhead installation?  And, no, my situation is noth ing like the Boston C/AT   TIA

David A. Topete, SE