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Re: Reference needed

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On 25 Aug 2007 at 17:32, Dennis Wish wrote:

> I asked this same question of a close friend, but thought I might get
> a wider range of references by posting this notice on the SEAINT List.
> I have a need to write my own spreadsheet tool or TEDDS template that
> will allow me to design a spread footing with multiple eccentric loads
> (say two or three columns that share the same pad that might be common
> in custom home remodels). 
> Please post your favorite references for foundation design. 
> Thanks
> Dennis

Always a good idea to sharpen your tools occasionally.  <grin>

I use a few books for foundation designs and soils analysis.

Principles of Geotechnical Engineering - Braja M. Das
Principles of Foundation Engineering - Braja M. Das
Geotechnical Engineering Foundation Design - John N. Cernica
Reinforced Concrete Design - Wang & Salmon
Design of Small Dams - U.S. Dept. of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation

I found Cernica's book very helpful with understanding combined
footings like you are talking about.  I like Das's explanation
of soil mechanics and analysis.  I also found that Das is one of the few
that uses Schmertmann & Hartman's method of calculating settlement
in granular soils, which seems to be fairly consistent with what I've seen
in many granular soils here in the west.

Design of Small Dams gives some good information on the typical shear
angles that various soil classifications will have and some of the other
properties of those materials.

The Concrete Design book by Wang & Salmon covers the concrete
design better that the soils books, as it should.  And so I use it in
conjuction with the soils books to round out the analysis and design
of the the structure.

If you have specific questions about these books, I'd be happy to
expand further on them and how I've used them.

Take Care,
Lloyd Pack, P.E.

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