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RE: Hold Down Question - Using a bent (22-1/2 degree) A307 Rod

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Not if I can thread the ends and obtain the capacity based on the proprietary uplift capacity provided by Hardy (MiTek Industries). However, it should not be a problem as I recall that we inserted anchors (A307) at 22-1/2 degrees in URM structures and then used a beveled washer. The problem is that the extension coming up from the foundation needs to be vertical so that the Hardy Panel can slip over the ends.

I don’t think the bend needs to be even 22-1/2 degree off vertical to clear the steel. The actual embedment depth I needed turns out to be only 7-3/4” based on the Simpson Strong-Tie catalog and is controlled by the edge clearance to center of anchor in a slab on grade. I really need only a few degrees off vertical to clear the rebar since I don’t have the room to adjust the Hardy Panel in a 2x4 wall. The steel capacity is over 11.5Kips according to the working stress maximum allowable for an A307 bolt according to the Simpson Catalog and all I need is about 4900 pounds of uplift which can be obtained with a 7/8” threaded rod in a 1-inch clean drilled hole embedded only 7-3/4”. The horizontal bars are 6-1/2 inches down so it does not take much of a  bend to clear the rebar and still gain the capacity I need. I just need to prevent the framer from making more than one bend to reduce the heat and reduction of steel strength. Still at less than 50% of the steel capacity it should not be much of a problem.





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Is a rebar cutting bit out of the question (i.e.- is the horiz steel critical to the performance of the wall?)



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