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Re: You might be a structural engineer, if .

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Scott Maxwell wrote:
Ha! Ha?

I laugh if I weren't crying!  Actually, I ain't crying...just fuming about
our coaches and their complete failure to do their job.  On the positive
side, I did not have to watch that disaster as Comcast and the Big Ten are
still in a pissing match over carrying the whole Big Ten Network.  My TV
likely thanks it would have likely suffered bodily harm yesterday
My condolences.

Of course, it's easy for me to put things in perspective since my school boasts one of those perennial "doormat" teams that the Big Boys schedule early for target practice.

Your fellow Michiganders over in East Lansing put the whoopin' on my woebegone UAB Blazers, as the College Football Gods decreed they should.

D*mn, why couldn't we have played the Wolverines instead?

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