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dfisher(--nospam--at) wrote:

I've researched this one extensively...

perhaps you can enlighten me on the reference
If you'll recall, several centuries ago a mysterious "Pied Piper" offered to deliver the German city of Hameln (or "Hamlin") from an infestation of rats, in return for a hefty fee.

Having struggled with the rat problem for some time, the city fathers were desperate for ANY solution to the problem, and readily agreed. The Pied Piper played a tune on his pipe, and compelled every single one of the rats to dance out of the city, jump into the river and drown.

When he applied for payment, the city leaders, less desperate now that the rats were gone, decided that it had been "too easy" a job after all, and offered him only a fraction of the payment originally agreed upon. At that, the Piper began to play again, and all the children in the town danced along as he led them out of the city and over the horizon, never to be seen again.

MORAL: If you don't have anything to hold over their heads, human nature will decree that your demand for payment of your fee for service will not be give the same priority by your client as you put on it.

I long ago learned from sad experience, that if I complete a job for a client who's in desperate need, BEFORE I get any payment, suddenly my efforts won't be worth that much when the crisis is over. I call this the "Pied Piper Syndrome."

(I have not as yet determined any use for the children of my clients. I've come across an "administrative assistant" or two, but could not get permission from my wife--who's the only flutist in the family--to try it out).

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