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RE: 2007 California Building Code (5th attempt for posting!)

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Last week I was invited to give a presentation to a group of local structural engineers and architects. One of the topics covered, was   the general information about the new 2007 CBC.

However, my answer to your question about Chapter 19 Concrete is NO.

The entire chapter 19 in CBC 2007 is now only 10 pages. For Steel, CMU, Wood, Aluminum and others, it's similar. Basically we have to use the referenced standards ( i.e. ACI-318, ACI 530, AISC, NDS) directly and include the CBC's amendments.


I have included a small portion of that presentation below: (bullets may be shown differently)


General Highlights


    New CBC 2007 Part 2, Volume 2 contains:

-       2007 California Building Code (CBC) Based on IBC 2006

-         2007 California Historical Building Code; Title 24 Part 8

-         2007 California Existing Building Code; Title 24 Part 10



    2007 CBC also includes:

-         Chapter 31B: Public swimming pools

-         Chapter 31C: Radiation (medical radiographic/X-Ray)

-         Chapter 31D: Food Establishment

-         Chapter 31E: Tents and Membrane Structures

-         Chapter 31F: Marine Oil Terminals


 Seismic Provisions Highlights


-    Seismic forces based on response acceleration values determined through U.S. Geological Survey maps.

-    Seismic Design Categories (SDC) A, B, C, D, E and F (A the lightest, F the most severe) replaces Seismic Zones 1 through 4.

-    California mostly SDC C and up.

-    For California schools & hospitals minimum SDC D

-    SDC controls the design and detailing procedures

-    Some Horizontal and vertical irregularities are not permitted anymore, for example:


-       In Seismic Design Category E and F:

-    Extreme Horizontal Torsional eccentricity,

-    Extreme Soft Story

-    Weak Story


-       In Seismic Design Category D:

-  Extreme Weak Story


-    Simplified Seismic procedure is not permitted



Highlights of New Provisions Based on ASCE/SEI 7-05 for CMU & RC:


-          Concrete shear-walls:

- Ordinary Plain Concert shear-walls (not permitted in SDC C, D, E & F)

- Detailed Plain concrete shear-walls (not permitted in SDC C, D, E & F)

- Ordinary reinforced concrete shear-walls (not permitted in SDC D, E & F)

- Special reinforced concrete shear-walls (permitted in all, but in SDC D, E & F  height < 160 feet)


-       Similar categorization applies to CMU walls:

- Pre-stressed Masonry Shear-walls is new but not allowed for California Schools & Hospitals




I hope this is helpful.

Casey (Khashayar) Hemmatyar, SE
private e: khemmatyar(--nospam--at)