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With respect to WTC he had a point:
If the building were constructed according to the Code,
it would have a reserve of strength, or, in other words, would
not be so flimsy.
Of course, his criticism of the official investigators of the collapse was
too strongly worded. But, if he is right, then someone who knows it too,
but doesn't mention it in the report, is wrong, isn't he?
I am more of an analyst than a designer and my familiarity with codes is minimal.
But I am aware of at least one 'flimsiness' aspect, that was the most likely contributing
cause to WTC collapse.
Sometimes circumstances work in unexpected manner.
That's why we need a reserve of strength.
As for a public vs private criticism I agree, it would be more professional
to stick to the latter. But who would listen then?
Sincerely, Gregory from Oz