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Re: Gypsum wallboard shearwalls

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I know you can in C and below.  Y'all might have to scrutinize the D and up.
My concern has been attachment.  I'm a bit of a stickler on "real" construction.
Most tables are based on drywall nails.  Most contractors use screws.
Last time I checked, there were only 2 screw mf'rs that had code approvals for rated screws for shearwalls, and they're more expensive.   OFF-THE-SHELF DRYALL SCREWS WILL NOT WORK IN SHEARWALLS.  They are too thin and too brittle and will break.  I will only spec them if I expect proper screws will be provided, and QA will check.  I've had to require re-attachment several times.

>>> Drew Morris <dmorris(--nospam--at)> 9/20/2007 8:11 PM >>>
We are having a minor discussion in our office over gypsum wall board as
shearwalls.  The 2006 IBC gives allowable shearwall values (Table
2306.4.5) for unblocked and blocked walls for wind and seismic loading. 
The IBC 2006 references ASCE 7-05 which list this type of load bearing
walls in Table 12.2.1 (Line A/15) with R=2.  In Seismic Design Category
D, buildings with these shearwalls are permitted but limited to 35 feet
in height.  Can you use gypsum wall board for shearwalls?  Some of us
thought that this type of shearwall was not allowed in SDC D.

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