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On Sep 21, 2007, at 11:09 AM, Gerard Madden, SE wrote:

People can second guess the truss connections all they want, but the fact is they are gravity connections and performed fine up until they were asked to do something unintended.

Can a sprinkler system be expected to put out a fire like that and save the building? No. Was the facade supposed to shred up the airplane and withstand blast pressures? No.

Simple as that.
Not quite that simple, especially if the questions are posed to learn something, rather than sharp-shoot the design. Sharp-shooting is bad all around as are phrases like 'moral corruption,' because they don't contribute anything worthwhile.

A worthwhile effort would begin by contrasting the 9/11 attacks with the B-25 crash into the Empire State building in which the building remained standing and the toll was 14 dead. The episodes differed greatly in matters of fire safety, the nature of the aircraft and building structure. I'd think that somewhere between those two episodes there's a point where building design can be improved to withstand accidents of the sort. There's no reason to believe that an airplane couldn't hit another tall building, even by accident, and it's worthwhile considering corrective measures. But just calling a designer morally corrupt and blaming a lot of people without presenting firm evidence is just whiney and demeaning.

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