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RE: strengthening steel joists for shear

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Hi Alden,


To reinforce an existing floor joist; I’m assuming you already did a field assessment survey and data procurement. What I did in the past for my retrofit project, I model it in staad to determine what particular area need to be reinforced or which part of the joist is being over or under stress. If cost is not an issue micro-reinforcement may not a way to go. However our job as a structural engineer is to provide a fair and quality type of deliverable product to the client, so I suggest work with a Staad if not hand calc.


For a Wide Flange same approach Although, I used T-beam welded at the bottom if the issue is bending if it’s lateral you can use

T-member as a horizontal brace with connection plate. Check your shear and moment diagram of how long is your reinforcement beam be.



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Subject: RE: strengthening steel joists for shear


Designing with Vulcraft – Steel Joists, Joist Girders and Steel Deck by James M. Fisher, Michael A. West and Julius P. Van De Pas by Nucor Corporation.  I have the 2nd edition (2002) and will answer your questions.


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Subject: strengthening steel joists for shear




I'm looking for some guidance on strengthening existing steel floor joists for shear and have a few questions.


For a wide flange beam, we'd typically add some shear stiffeners or gussets.  Is the same approach applicable for an open web steel joist?  Can i just add some angles to the web?


How about reinforcing at the bearing ends, can i just add a piece of hss 2.5 x 2.5 to either side of the joist seat?


I appreciate any comments you may have.