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RE: Alabama soils

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Well, it certainly would make the tires spin of a car with no limited slip differential (I think I am remembering correctly...I certainly remember Pesci falling in the mud...although my favorite scene was with the owl screeching and him coming out with the gun)!
Adrian, MI
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Subject: RE: Alabama soils

Have you seen “My Cousin Vinny?”  I remember red clay.  Who knows?  Good luck.

David A. Topete, SE

From: Scott Maxwell [mailto:smaxwell(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: Alabama soils


We have a residential project in Alabama (near Heflin to be more precise).  The project does NOT have a soil report (why on earth would anyone want to do something logical like that <grin>).  I don't have a problem assuming worst case soils type loads for the lateral pressures and such, but I wanted to see if anyone could tell if there are "special" soils situations to be aware of (i.e. expansive soils or such)?  Can any one give me some thoughts on the types of soils that should be expected?  The site is at 1000+ feet above sea level.   Right now it will be typical spread footings.





Adrian, MI