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Re: T1-11 Shear Values

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I believe this subject came up before on the list ( I searched my archive but couldn't find it)  & my memory is that answer was as David suggested.

 Use the 3/8" values which is the approximate  thickness of the uncut sheet in the grooves.

Older APA docs suggested the use of the 5/8" values!?

Installation care must be taken such that the edge nailing catches both sheets......probably need two rows of nails like "normal" plywood installations to get adequate edge distance, which is different than a typical siding install.


On 9/27/07, David Topete <dtopete(--nospam--at)> wrote:


I've used values for 3/8" rated sheathing for 5/8" T1-11 sheathing/siding.  Maybe Tom Skaggs at APA can provide a more definitive answer.  Check the website and do a search on texture 1-11.

David A. Topete, SE

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Subject: T1-11 Shear Values


Hello friends:


I am looking for (ICBO and/or L.A. City approved) allowable shear values for walls sheathed with T1-11




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