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RE: T1-11 Shear Values

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Our helpdesk has the following answer:


TEXTURE 1-11 or T1-11, is a registered trade name for a special APA 303 Rated Siding Panel.  T1-11 is a 19/32" or 5/8" plywood panel with shiplapped edges and parallel grooves 1/4" deep, 3/8" wide.


ICC ES Legacy Report ER-1952 Section 2.1.2 Paragraph 9: The shear values for 303 siding panels installed directly to studs or over gypsum sheathing are the same as those specified in Table 25-II-I-1of the Uniform Building Code (23-II-I-1 1997 UBC) IBC Table 2306.4.1 for plywood panel siding. Thickness at point of nailing at panel edges determines allowable shear wall values.  Reference Section 2.1.2 Paragraph 11, for diaphragm applications.


City of LA RR 24177 is based on ICBO ER 1952 and is general approval for APA 303 plywood siding, high load diaphragms and APA Structural-Use Panels. Reference page 2, paragraph 4 for siding shear wall.


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You can download ER report at, I can individually e-mail you the COLA Report (it may be available online as well, I haven’t searched for it).


Note that thickness at point of nailing would permit full design values to be realized if nailing is not through the ship-lap edges.  The theory behind this is that even though grooves are cut into the panels, the shear strength of the reduced section of the panel far exceed the shear capacity that can be transferred into the panel with the panel fasteners.





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Hello friends:


I am looking for (ICBO and/or L.A. City approved) allowable shear values for walls sheathed with T1-11




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