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Re: T1-11 Shear Values

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    *Subject:* T1-11 Shear Values

    Hello friends:

    I am looking for (ICBO and/or L.A. City approved) allowable shear
    values for walls sheathed with T1-11


If nailed through the shiplap joint, then use the values for 3/8" sheathing. If you use 3x or double studs, then you can use the full panel thickness of 5/8". I don't think you can use a single 2x and get two rows of nails into it from both panels and still maintain the proper edge distance. I worked at one place where we called out double studs when using T1-11, but after a few site visits discovered that few of the contractors were doing this and the city inspectors hadn't caught this. I then changed jobs and got out of residential work.

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