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Re: Epoxy for Wood Repair

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How big is big?  If you can seal it up and inject it or squirt it in  somehow, it will expand to fill the gap.  I'd use it up to about 1/2", and maybe a little larger if the space is on the interior.
Gorilla Glue (generic "Urethane glue") expands as it reacts with water, or the water in it evaporates.  As it does so, it expands quite a bit, and is forced deep into the wood.  a great adhesive to hold it together as it is completely water resistant.  It can cure in wet conitions.  It is NOT good in compression.
It is identical to "Great Foam" if you're familiar with that, but doesn't expand a fraction of that amount.

>>> <ASLCSE(--nospam--at)> 9/27/2007 1:16 PM >>>
Thanks Tom, but the crack is pretty big and just glue will not fill it.

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