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Pre-Engr. Mtl Bldg. W/ Tilt-up Wall

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I'm working on the design of a small warehouse using pre-engineered metal
building framing and tilt-up wall construction.  I've never had a mix of
the two systems before, but I know it is done.

I?m detailing the sidewall where the deck comes down on the eave strut and
overhangs the wall panel.  I'm wondering though about the strength of the
roof deck to brace the panel horizontal forces.  Typically the deck is
screwed to the eave strut and if this were a complete metal building, the
wall panel would be screwed to the eave strut.  I have a weld plate in the
wall panel to weld the eave strut to.  My concern is the screws of the
roof panel to the eave strut are not strong enough to support the wind
loads.  I'm wondering if in this condition there typically are braces back
to the top flange of the next Zee purlin.  If so, how is this typically
detailed?  I do have the panel braced horizontally by the metal building
columns at the ends, which means it spans 20 ft. horizontally.

Also, I've been hunting for details on the internet of metal buildings and
tilt-up wall panels.  I ran across some a while back and never bookmarked
the page.  I have not found a metal building suppliers website with
typical details using concrete wall panels in my current search.  Anyone
have links to supplier's details using tilt-up panels?

Thanks for your help.


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