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re: tilt-up + PEMB

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Make sure you indictate on the drawings your deflection assumptions/limitations as well as the positive and negative reaction you want the PEMB to resist from your panel. Inlcude in your notes it is the PEMB mfr responsibility to design the steel structure and framing to resist the reactions you have indicated. If a PEMB mfr is already on board this is a lot easier to coordinate but I always put this info on my dwgs to CYA as well as make sure the PEMB does not do their typical L/180 or other high deflection.
If your detail has the deck running right over the T.O. Panel, then I would do a typical cont shelf angle and spec the screw spacing needed to resist this lateral force, or since you will not know the deck type or strength indicate the reaction again and the deck design and attachment are per the PEMB mfr. Though that may be pushing it...
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