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Re: tilt-up + PEMB

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> From: "Andrew Kester, PE" <akester(--nospam--at)>

> Rich,
> Make sure you indictate on the drawings your deflection =
> assumptions/limitations as well as the positive and negative reaction =
> you want the PEMB to resist from your panel. Inlcude in your notes it is =
> the PEMB mfr responsibility to design the steel structure and framing to =
> resist the reactions you have indicated.

Absolutely, 100%, on the mark.

> If a PEMB mfr is already on =
> board this is a lot easier to coordinate but I always put this info on =
> my dwgs to CYA as well as make sure the PEMB does not do their typical =
> L/180 or other high deflection.

However, you gotta get those notes on the drawings before they are submitted
to the pre-eng manufacturer for quote, not after a purchase contract is
signed to "bring them on board." It's probably too late. They can revise
pricing to accommodate and a reputable manufacturer won't rape the owner for

> resist this lateral force, or since you will not know the deck type or =
> strength indicate the reaction again and the deck design and attachment =
> are per the PEMB mfr. Though that may be pushing it...

The PEMB engineers are diligent, honest technically savvy designers with
non-engineer (typically) sales reps between them and the real project
requirements. However, they are there to pump steel through the plant, not
spend 3 hours for a 50 pound connection clip. Their productivity is measured
in tons/hr. The manufacturer sells an engineered product, not engineering

But, they may do it ...

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