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Re: Radiused angle ledger

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Go with as thick a member as you can. All those rules about local buckling apply. For example, instead of a L4x4x1/4, use an L2.5 x2.5x3/8 and instead of MC10x8.4, use the heaviest 6" or 8" standard channel, you can get. The lighter members will end up looking like a krinkle potato chip--not that there is anything wrong with krinkle potato chips. You can google Hodgson Custom Rolling for further advice although I am sure there are other rolling suppliers. If you buy something, then my brother will buy me a beer.

Gerard Madden, SE wrote:
I've got a curved CMU wall with a tight radius (5.5 ft) that I need to provide a ledger for metal deck w/ concrete fill (on inside of curve)

The CMU wall continues up above the slab to form a parapet/guardrail (it's a landing on an exterior stairwell).

I was thinking that radius-ing an angle would be difficult (to maintain flatness) since it's not doubly symmetric, but maybe it's done all the time???

What about radius-in a MC10x8.4 with the toes going toward the center of the radius?



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