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Re: Choice between intermittent and continuous fillet weld in Crane girder ( I beam with channel top)

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It would be helpful to know what class the crane is. For A or B classes, intermittent welds are probably OK. I believe AWS does allow intermittent welds in compression zones but you should check as I don't have a copy of it. Some C class cranes may allow stitch welds but I consider C class to be the dividing line between stitch and continuous welds. I recommend reading "Crane Supporting Steel Structures- a Guide" by Bob MacCrimmon and published by the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction. A second edition will be coming out in the new year, but the first ed is still good. Most fabricators will choose to use intermittent welds, but a knowledgeable one will be able to install a continuous weld with no significant problems.

Sanjay Verma wrote:

Fabricator is insisting in providing intermittent fillet weld in Crane girder (I-beam with channel top).

I have seen continuous weld not a problem contrary to fabricator who is advocating that continuous weld will leave warped channel surface.

Please advice / share your experience.

Channel web thickness is  .4 inch and recommended continuous weld is ¼.

Best Regards,

Sanjay Kumar Verma,  P.E.


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