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concrete drop panels

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Thanks bye the way for all of the 8" columns input.  Not sure if I
learned anything, but interesting to see people's different input...
I am usually concerned with that issue on residential buildings.  lots
of architects like skinny columns !  concrete is much cheaper than
steel tubes...  I think I might look at the column with a P-Delta load
plus the P, and see if it can take it.  Also to look at buckling...

Concrete Drop Panels

ACI has a drop panel requirement:

Section - Projection of drop panel below the slab shall be at
least one-quarter the slab thickness beyond the drop.
This wording has confused me.  I think however, that it means the drop
panel, to be considered a drop panel, shall be at least a 1/4 of the
slab thickness, so if I have an 8" slab, then the drop panel shall be
at least 2", giving an overall depth to the panel of 10" which
includes the slab...  no???

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