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RE: MFR home foundations

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Anytime anyone is asking you to “certify” something, it translates into:



“I’m looking for someone to sue.”



Be very careful…and, if you decide to accept this assignment, make sure you have a major



There are so many unknowns (soil bearing, concealed conditions, material strength, was the reinf. placed correctly, etc.);

frankly I don’t know how you could even do it in the first place.




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Subject: MFR home foundations


Does anyone know what it takes to "certify" mfr home foundations and their anchorages to the foundations? Basically a short and sweet, I have no snow or seismic loads, just lots of wind obviously.


I have downloaded and am reviewing HUD's manual and it seems quite involved, as I sort of figured it may. I am not sure I want the hassle or liability and I imagine they will not like my hourly rate. However, I repeatedly am being asked if I provide this service and have up until now just said no without considering it. Maybe it is not as involved or a big of a pain as I am thinking...


Thanks in advance,



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