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RE: MFR home foundations

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 I actually heard hud was putting together a more user friendly manual than
HUD-007487.  101-1 says the book is for new construction.  101-2 says that it
is not meant to be applied retroactively to existing construction.  101-2
says that the upgrade of existing shall meet the intent of the handbook.

The point of the manual is that they have a real permanent foundation that
has gravity and lateral load paths into the soil and with positive
connections and keeps out the weather and vermin. If you read the manual it
tells you to fill out worksheets and to use one of the systems in the manual.
The problem is on an existing home in an area with little code enforcement
they may not have installed a system in the book.

Locally where I live many manufactured homes are put on cribbing.  This
doesn't meet the HUD standard at all.  You can have them retrofit alternative
engineered systems that meet the intent - adjustable pier jacks for gravity
with positive connections and a proprietary adjustable lateral resisting
piers and proprietary tiedowns that meets the intent of the code.

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Subject: MFR home foundations

Does anyone know what it takes to "certify" mfr home foundations and their
anchorages to the foundations? Basically a short and sweet, I have no snow or
seismic loads, just lots of wind obviously.
I have downloaded and am reviewing HUD's manual and it seems quite involved,
as I sort of figured it may. I am not sure I want the hassle or liability and
I imagine they will not like my hourly rate. However, I repeatedly am being
asked if I provide this service and have up until now just said no without
considering it. Maybe it is not as involved or a big of a pain as I am
Thanks in advance,
Andrew Kester, PE
Principal/Project Manager
ADK Structural Engineering, PLLC
1510 E. Colonial Drive, Suite 301

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