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RE: Live Load for residential home gym

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I believe bench press plus their weight, Universal machine weighs more
than that.

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Subject: RE: Live Load for residential home gym

!000# is a bit much.  For those that go to a gym, you'll note a heavy
machine will go up to about 250# and cover about 2'X2' at the support.

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David, although 50 psf is sounds reasonable however, the magnitude of
the point load is quiet big especially if you are talking
Bowflex, Weight rack, etc as your gym equipments. I suggest disregarding
the descriptive word "home" and focusing the word "Gym" would eliminate
the confusion. In my opinion a 150 psf plus a concentrated load of 1000
lb. would be ideal for this kind of application.
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Subject: Live Load for residential home gym
50 psf LL sounds reasonable for a home gym.  Or am I way off?  Any
advice would be appreciated...  TIA
David A. Topete, SE

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