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Re: CAD: AutoCAD Revit Structure Suite 2008

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I have very limited experience with Revit (2 small projects), but I do have a few thoughts on the subject. 
If you are familiar with other BIM software then it might not be hard to make the switch.  When I first started using Revit I found certain seemingly simple tasks frustrating because I knew how to easily do it in 2D CAD, but it seemed Revit complicated the task (until I figured out how to do it, and do it the right way).  Then it becomes second nature like anything else.  I now sometimes get frustrated that 2D CAD doesn't do some of the things that Revit does.
On another note, I find BIM to be a "fun" way to design a building because you get to actually build it in the software.  BIM software helps satify that nagging urge to build/create that just can't be fulfilled with 2D software.  Maybe that's just my personality trait, though.  I am bugging my bosses to get me another project suited for Revit.

Bill Polhemus <bill(--nospam--at)> wrote:

Yesterday was the last day for a "special upgrade offer" for Autocad LT
users to Autodesk's Revit Structure Suite 2008, so I took advantage of
it. Usually I wouldn't be interested in stuff like this, but getting a
big-time building modeling package PLUS full Autocad 2008 for $2,000 was
a bit hard to pass up. I sprung for it.

I'm not sure what I'm getting yet. I have become somewhat acquainted
with TEKLA Structure working with my current contract employer, and I'm
pretty impressed with it. I suspect Revit Structure is probably a lot
the same, but with the added benefit of the Autocad interface, I suspect
it's probably going to give TEKLA a run for its money.

Anyone use any version of Revit? What are your thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

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