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Re: Expansive Foundation

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IMO, and "uplift pressure value" is kinda dumb. In the first place, it's not the way that expansive soils are typically classified. Also, it doesn't tell you what you need to know for various types of foundation systems.

For instance, if you have a "floating" system such as a post-tensioned slab, you need to know things like edge-lift and center-lift values.

IMO, this geotech is "fobbing off" his responsibility to accurately report the soil conditions on YOU, and YOU are in the position of having to figure out how to design for this without REALLY knowing what you're designing FOR.

Tell him to give you REAL expansive soils parameters such as those recommended by the PTI manual using the VOLFLO technique or similar.

(N.B. I am in the Houston area).

  I've had soils reports in california call for 2000psf uplift


On 10/16/07, Garner, Robert <rgarner(--nospam--at) > wrote:

We did a job in the Bayview Texas area.  The geotech recommended an expansive clay uplift value of 1000 psf.  This info is just for a sanity check.


Bob Garner, S.E.


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You should use the parameters given from soil report, and in accordance to PTI's design guide. There was no direction given for "reduced" forces pertaining to your case.





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Adjebli, Chuck, & Milo :


Thank you for your response.


Milo :


You indicated you used PT Slab.  I felt that 1500 psf uplift was high – just curious what uplift forces did you design your PT slabs for.




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At a residential project I've used a PT slab on grade; design guides and handbooks are available at PTI.


Milo Z, PE  

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Subject: Expansive Foundation


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I am working on a site that has expansive soil.   The soil report indicates the uplift force from the expansive soil to be 1500 psf.  The foundation consists of piers and grade beams.  I understand there is a compressible material that can be installed between the soil and the underside of the grade beam to reduce the overall uplift load.  Can anyone point me to web site regarding this material or provide specs on this material.





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