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IBC Conventional Light Framed Construction

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Dear list:


If any of you are familiar with the Conventional Light Framed Construction section 2308 of the IBC 2006, I would like some help.


Braced wall lines are defined in section 2308.9.3 but there is no description, at least that I could find, of what total percentage of wall has to be braced.  It refers you to figure 2308.9.3 and I understand minimum spacing, end distances they restrict you too, but in their figure they have Braced wall line L1 as the sum of A+B+C, but doesn’t A+B+C have to be a certain percentage of the total length L1?


It says in Table 2308.9.3(1) that for SDC C that the total length shall not be less than 25% of the building length, but what about SDC A and B? 


Just wondering if anybody else has found this and could direct me to the answer. 


Thanks in advance,



Andy Heigley