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Re: IBC Conventional Light Framed Construction

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Good morning all,
Just out of curiousity, do many of you use conventional light framed construction requirements as opposed to providing full engineering calculations for the structure? 
What drives your decision for going the conventional construction route, cost to the owner? 
Any thoughts on mixing conventional light framed construction braced wall lines with engineered shearwall lines in the same structure?  For example, any thoughts/concerns/warnings on having three distinct braced wall lines and two distinct engineered shearwall lines all in the north/south direction......or an entire second story of conventional light framed construction over an entirely engineered first story?
Thanks for any input shared.
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If I am reading things right, for SDC A & B you?d simply be governed by the minimum spacing requirements of 25?-0? on center and offset not more than 12?-6? from each end. That works out to a theoretical minimum requirement for one diagonal brace or one 4?-0? wide panel placed at the midpoint of the wall. For a 25?-0? long wall, that provides a bracing percentage of 16% of the building length, which is what you would find in the IRC for SDC A & B.


Of course, thinking practically and from a *wind* standpoint, you actually want at least two braces or panels per line, one at each end of the wall or as close to the end as possible, unless you have a very tight spacing *between* your braced wall lines (say, 5 or 10 feet).





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Subject: IBC Conventional Light Framed Construction


Dear list:


If any of you are familiar with the Conventional Light Framed Construction section 2308 of the IBC 2006, I would like some help.


Braced wall lines are defined in section 2308.9.3 but there is no description, at least that I could find, of what total percentage of wall has to be braced.  It refers you to figure 2308.9.3 and I understand minimum spacing, end distances they restrict you too, but in their figure they have Braced wall line L1 as the sum of A+B+C, but doesn?t A+B+C have to be a certain percentage of the total length L1?


It says in Table 2308.9.3(1) that for SDC C that the total length shall not be less than 25% of the building length, but what about SDC A and B? 


Just wondering if anybody else has found this and could direct me to the answer. 


Thanks in advance,



Andy Heigley