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DSTV and Peddimat

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We have been supplying DSTV files earlier as part of the X steel output with no problems reported in the last two years.
In a recent project our client reports that all the clips fabricated based on our DSTV output (The client calls them CNC files) do not match the hard copy details in the dwgs.
We are at a loss to understand why this has happened.
The client has used a Peddimat machine.
Our version of X steel does not support Peddimat output but gives DSTV output.
Is it possible that our DSTV output is not compatible with their machine ?
How come all the beams and columns have been fabricated okay?
Any thoughts, views, opinions, past experiences will be appreciated.
Would anyone be willing to check a sample DSTV output for one clip angle and compare it with a pdf sketch of the same clip and tell me if there is anything amiss?
Mail me privately and I will send you the relevant files.
In future I am planning to issue a disclaimer and state that we are responsible for hard copy detail dwgs but DSTV files are being supplied gratis without being in our scope and they may be used at the fabricator's discretion and risk.

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