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You should be charging your client, not the sub-contractor.  After all, ultimately he’s gaining the benefit with a faster, more precise construction.  Also, that way the client is the decision-maker, you make a few bucks and the bonus is, you aren’t viewed as a jerk and an obstructionist for withholding it.  If neither the client nor the GC (after the client presents the bill to him) wants to spring for it….then, oh well, welcome to PDF-ville….

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Subject: [SPAM] paid for release of CAD files to subs...



We are often asked to release our CAD floor plans to sub-contractors for their shop drawing/layout use.


After giving these files away “gratis” for years, I fell that it is high time we make these guys cough up

Some green as we are making their lives IMMENSELY easier.


Plus, they make a lot more on the project than we do.


Do you guys/gals charge for your files and if so, how much?





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