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Re: TEDDS Software

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TEDDS is great for the pre-packaged solutions, but time-consuming for writing your own calcs. One of the earlier commenters was kind enough to send me one of his problem solutions which I have used a little. For the home written solutions, I prefer the ease of the spreadsheets, both E-I and my own. I would like to get more TEDDS calcs by others; is there a users group out there?

Shaun Dustin wrote:

I think I’ve seen this on the list before, but has anyone used both TEDDS and the Engineering International spreadsheets, and can they comment on the utility of the two? I’ve been using the E-I stuff, mostly because I can buy a calc package on an as-needed basis and I like that it seems to be more current than what TEDDS posts in the website for current code references, but I like the promise of the Word interface with TEDDS.

I’d appreciate any comments…


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Has anybody else downloaded the TEDDS demo that was attached to the October issue of Structure magazine? It said it could take up to 15 minutes to download so I figured it was a lot of bloat. I did run the demo from their website and it seemed like it could be useful. But at US$1500, it's pricey. If you buy three licenses, the price drops to $750. I have contacted them to see if I can buy three licenses and offer two of them to my esteemed colleagues (that is anyone out there that wants to buy them from me). I doubt that will be allowed.


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