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Re: Conventional Light Framed Construction ... an aside

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> From: Rhkratzse(--nospam--at)
> Are we forgetting the purpose of the code requirements, and the shear walls,
> and the hold-downs?   They are intended to save our lives.   It's not a
> matter of How Much Money We Can Save Our Clients, but of how good a job
> we can do of protecting them (sometimes from their own ignorance).

Recently there was a Volkswagen commercial on TV. It really hit home with me
on two levels:
1) it spoke to me about what I do every day and why I take the care that I
do, and
2) it didn't hide the fact that there are technical people who design their

Various scenes of potential injury or death as people go about their daily
business (not in a car). In each scene, a "technician" wearing a white lab
coat would influence the persons movements or otherwise deflect a hazard
(e.g. flower pot falling off a ledge). The person would look around to see
nothing/nobody except the results of the potential disaster, narrowly

When nothing happens, Safe happens.
(white coated technical people standing in white background like angels in
heaven - okay they had to make it commercial)

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