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California PE/SE References

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I am, and have been for the last several years, a licensed structural engineer in Ohio (which has a generic PE certification).  I have passed the NCEES SEI and am currently sitting for the NCEES SEII test (which I expect to pass).  I have been involved in structural design mostly in industrial facilities across the US (under the supervision of my boss, an SE in California), but I have a broad range of experience in design in high wind and moderate seismic areas. 


I want to get a license in California and, the way that I understand it, I still have to pass 2 Civil PE tests (one 2½ hr surveying test, one 2½ hr seismic test) in order to gain a Civil PE in California and then I have to pass the 8 hr seismic test in order to gain an SE certification.


My predicament is that I live in Ohio and the only California SE that I know in Ohio who is familiar with my work is my boss. California requires references from 4 civil PE’s, licensed in California for my California Civil PE, and references from 3 SE’s licensed in California.  I understand that I could also gain references by having someone look over samples of my work and/or talking with me and then judging that he/she feels I am qualified to sit for these tests.  Would anyone in California be willing to do this?  I still have to dig through my old calcs to find something that demonstrates my level of experience, but I wanted to put out my feelers for willing parties and/or suggestions on how to get them. 


And, if willing, please contact me privately, unless you’d like to do this for any number of other people who are or will be in my predicament.  Thanks.


Brian S. Bossley, PE

Ventura Engineering

7610 Olentangy River Rd

Columbus, OH 43235