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RE: IBC06 / CBC07 Stone veneer on metal studs

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Thanks for looking into it. 
For this particular project, the architect wants to use 5" cut stone veneer (maybe 6"), with metal studs backing, on structural steel frames.  I searched on the Internet too, and found this (warning, PDF link):
I couldn't find an ICBO report for it, but they have some anchor products with screw capacities.   Has anyone used this?

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Sent: Friday, October 26, 2007 8:12 AM
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Subject: RE: IBC06 / CBC07 Stone veneer on metal studs

I took a look and couldn’t find any specific requirement in the IBC. A quick Google search for manufacturer’s literature finds several recommendations for #8 self-tapping screws, plus one ICC-ES report ( for #8 wafer-head screws at the same spacing as the nails for wood studs. A bunch of legacy UBC and BOCA reports have similar requirements (either #8 self-tapping or #8 wafer-head). I didn’t see anything specific to seismic.


I’m surprised AISI hasn’t submitted a code change to fix the hole in the code. (Unless they have for the 2009 IBC, for which the changes aren’t published yet.)




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Subject: IBC06 / CBC07 Stone veneer on metal studs


IBC2006 1405.6 listed specific requirement for attaching stone veneer up to 10" to concrete, masonry and stud walls.  It specifically mentioned wood studs with nails etc., but it did not say anything for metal studs.


Does IBC2006 allow stone veneer up to 10" be attached to metal studs?  Does anyone know if there is any specific requirement for the attachment, or is it up to the designer to justify any attachment (this is for SDC=D)?


Thanks for any info.




Yi Yang