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I am not aware of any code required minimum reinforcement requirement for slabs on grade in the US.  The IBC does require a minimum of 3.5" slab in section 1911, but places no requirements on reinforcement.  Many people use the minimum slab reinforcement ratios from ACI 318, but ACI 318 specifically states that it does NOT apply to slabs on grade.  As pointed out, the ACI documents for SOGs are ACI 302 and 360, but neither are "mandatory" documents, but rather guides or recommendations.  I don't recall off the top of my head if they offer recommendations on minimum reinforcement, but even if they did those recommendations have no force of law.  If you really want to know, then say that word and I will dig them up and see if I can refresh my memory.
Adrian, MI
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Does anyone know where the minimum slab on grade reinf. is specified?

What we typically specify (6x6/W1.4xW1.4) doesn’t of course meet 0.0018 for a 4” or 5” slab,

But, like a contractor would say, “That’s how we’ve been doing it for years”





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