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Re: 64 bit computers systems

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Jason Christensen wrote:

Has anyone had experience with running AutoCAD Lt 2006, enercalc, Ram and other engineering programs on a Windows XP Pro 64 bit edition.  I am thinking of upgrading my computer, and am not going to go to Vista but would at least like to get to the 64 bit systems.



I would not advise using the 64-bit version of Windows at this time. The performance is not noticeably better and the lack of drivers is more than a little annoying. I accidentally installed a version of it on a homebrew computer I'd made a few months back - didn't notice the disk I grabbed was 64-bit, and after I discovered the mistake decided to experiment a bit.

Unless you have very "regular" equipment, you run quickly into a big problem. For instance, I have an M-Audio card that can be used for "pro-sumer" level audio recording, and there are NO drivers for 64-bit Windows AT ALL, re the M-Audio website. Lots and lots of other "niggly" annoyances along the same vein.

Get your 64-bit system, and make sure you stock it with 4 GB of RAM. You'll be fine with 32-bit Windows, even though it "only" can address that 4 GB. But it's hardly the same thing as when we reached the 1 MB limit of 16-bit processors back in the day.

(N.B. as for Vista, based on my brief experience installing IT on my experimental machine, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy!)
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