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RE: 64 bit computers systems

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I will agree with Bill (does that mean that the world is about to end?)...don't bother with 64-bit Windoze at this time.  The ONLY reason is if you need/want to use more memory than 4 gb (as a side note, 32-bit Windoze actually does not address the full 4 gb as user useable only get about 3.5 gb of user able memory...this is a legacy of how Windoze/DOS uses memory back from the early days).  On the other hand, you will have a CRAP load of problems with compatible programs and drivers.  You are likely much better off just sticking with 32-bit Windoze and maxing out the memory.
I will say that CADD workstations are typically the one area where 64-bit Windoze start to make sense, but that can potentially get mucked up if you are running other programs other than CADD (i.e. structural apps or regular productivity apps).
Adrian, MI 
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Jason Christensen wrote:

Has anyone had experience with running AutoCAD Lt 2006, enercalc, Ram and other engineering programs on a Windows XP Pro 64 bit edition.  I am thinking of upgrading my computer, and am not going to go to Vista but would at least like to get to the 64 bit systems.



I would not advise using the 64-bit version of Windows at this time. The performance is not noticeably better and the lack of drivers is more than a little annoying. I accidentally installed a version of it on a homebrew computer I'd made a few months back - didn't notice the disk I grabbed was 64-bit, and after I discovered the mistake decided to experiment a bit.

Unless you have very "regular" equipment, you run quickly into a big problem. For instance, I have an M-Audio card that can be used for "pro-sumer" level audio recording, and there are NO drivers for 64-bit Windows AT ALL, re the M-Audio website. Lots and lots of other "niggly" annoyances along the same vein.

Get your 64-bit system, and make sure you stock it with 4 GB of RAM. You'll be fine with 32-bit Windows, even though it "only" can address that 4 GB. But it's hardly the same thing as when we reached the 1 MB limit of 16-bit processors back in the day.

(N.B. as for Vista, based on my brief experience installing IT on my experimental machine, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy!)
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