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RE: 64 bit computers systems

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Ok.  I think I understand.  This is why I am asking, I am building a new computer with these components:


ASUS AM2S90 Motherboad

AMD Athlon dual core 6400 AM2 3.2Ghz

4G (2x@G) sorry about stating a dual core earlier, I meant dual sticks

(2) - MSI 2600XT 512MB DDR4 PCIE Diamond video (crossfire enabled)

and I was not sure if I needed to update to the 64 bit windows, I have been getting conflicting advice from some of the techs around here, as of this message I will be sticking with XP Pro








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Jason Christensen wrote:

Sorry stated that wrong,


So if I install (2) dual core 2gb, equaling 4gb, will I be able to use 4.0gb or windows will only recognize ~3.5gb?






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What’s the difference?


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So if I install (2) dual core 2gb, equaling 4gb, I will only be able to use ~3.5gb or windows will only recognize 3.5gb?




Let me give you a good example to measure by.

I have an AMD Dual-Core x_64 system I'm using right now. It's actually not all that new, it still uses "only" DDR memory, not the more-common DDR2 or the new-fangled DDR3 that most systems use now.

I have 3GB installed on this machine. I heavily multitask; right now I have Thunderbird (email client), Autocad 2008, Visual Analysis 6.0, Excel, a Citrix Client to my office computer, IES' QuickMasonry 2.0, and Adobe Acrobat Professional (the full version, not the reader) 8.1, plus a couple of instances of Internet Explorer AND Firefox up on my system.

The "Processes" Tab on Windows Task Manager shows "Total Physical Memory" of 3,144,108 KB (around 3GB), "Available Physical Memory" of 2,204,848 KB, and a "System Cache" (that's the "overhead" we're talking about) of 917,036 KB, or nearly 1 GB.

The PEAK "Commit Charge" right now - the largest amount of memory that all those programs have used during this session, is 894,192 KB (a good bit less than 1 GB).

This computer just hums along with all those programs running, reading disks, sending/receiving data from the network (both over the VPN to my office and to my Laptop in the other room which has some files on it that I'm using), etc. No sweat.

A 32-bit system with 4 GB RAM, if you have a nice system profile otherwise, is PLENTY for what you need!

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